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4636Re: [NH] Re: Mozilla FireFox as Second Browser Fails

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  • Dennis Cummins
    Jul 29, 2004
      Hi all,

      On Thursday, July 29, 2004 at 0:26, Jody wrote:

      > Hi Marcelo & Toby,
      > >Hint: to make the process of installing extensions easier, use
      > >Firefox itself to download the extension.
      > Unless you like to download with something else, then just open
      > FireFox and drag/drop each .xpi file into FireFox. I did it one
      > at a time. It doesn't totally solve the problem with launching
      > html files from NoteTab, but it is a help, better than two
      > windows. :) Although I might not have my configuration set right.

      You would do better just using the installer in Firefox. If you do not want
      to do that then drag and drop the .xpi file to the extension window.

      > I like opening in the same tab, but it takes two clicks (quick)
      > to get the first tab open with the file in it and it also opens
      > my about:blank. If I single click, then I have to switch back to
      > NoteTab and click again for the file to open.

      When I double click in Notetab all the urls open in FF. See this,


      Also go to Folder Options in Control Panel and find these,

      URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol
      URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol with Privacy

      You will find these in File Type and click on the advance button. Then
      either add Firefox or if there already set it to default.

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