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4632RE: [NH] Hyperlink in OTL File "L" Parameter

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  • Hugo Paulissen
    Jul 28, 2004
      Hi Ray,

      > The "L" parameter in a hyperlink in an OTL document doesn't work
      > consistently as expected (by me).

      It seems that the L parameter doesn't work backwards. At least, not the way
      you expected. I can position the cursor at the 132th charachter in the
      readme.txt file with this line [readme.txt::-132^L]. This is not documented,
      as far as I can see ...

      Apparently you can only go to the last line [readme.txt::-1^L] if you use
      the minus-sign.

      [readme.txt::-2^L] apparantly is regarded as a piece of text (similar to
      [readme.txt::rubbish^L]). Strange since [readme.txt::-0^L] just opens the
      document without positioning the cursor anywhere.

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