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4631Hyperlink in OTL File "L" Parameter

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  • R Shapp
    Jul 28, 2004
      HI Group,

      The "L" parameter in a hyperlink in an OTL document doesn't work consistently
      as expected (by me). I expected the following to jump to the fifth line from
      the end of the readme.txt document:


      Instead, it jumps to the fifth character of the first line of the readme.txt
      document. Even worse, I get this message, "No matching item Hyperlink -2 was
      found" when I try to jump to the next-to-last line of readme.txt using the
      following hyperlink:


      Both examples that are included in the C:\Program Files\NoteTab Pro\ReadMe.otl
      file work as advertised. See partial quote below.

      In all cases, both the outline with the hyperlinks and the readme.txt document
      are in the same folder, and I have set the "Quick Open Links" option under the
      Tools menu.

      Why is the "L" parameter not acting as expected?

      Ray Shapp
      Using NTPro 4.95 and WinXP Home

      *****quote from ReadMe.otl*******

      * To jump to a specific line number in a document, the format of the hyperlink
      is similar to the search criteria. You use the line number instead of the
      search text and use the parameter "L" so that NoteTab knows it is the line
      number you want and not text to search. For example, [readme.txt::5^L] will
      display the Readme.txt file with the cursor at the beginning of the 5th line.
      If you specify "-1", the cursor will be placed on the last line:
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