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4505Have deleted FTP

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  • john buchanan
    May 5, 2004
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      Dear Gurus,

      I'm a rank beginner and am extremely frustrated with Notetab Pro. Trying to do what I need to do with it is like trying to understand a foreign language before the dictionary for that language was even begun to be written.

      "Unwittingly," for starters, I have deleted FTP from the toolbar at the bottom of all of my web page attempts. I have written a web page that I like, but every attempt to use the FTP "program" over the last couple of weeks has failed. I really want to establish my web page but am finding my ignorance of the language and format of Notetab Pro makes the software useless to me. I really don't want to go out and spend $300 on Microsoft's Front Page.

      Maybe I'd have a chance of figuring this out if I could just get back the FTP tab at the bottom of the web pages I'm editing.




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