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  • Jody
    May 3, 2004
      Hi John,

      Because it is so much easier to use Search Disk and change what
      needs to be changed. Loading each file would take forever. If I
      want to do a quickie on a file, I normally just select the "&"
      and do a Doc to HTML >> No Paragraph tags or the middle one.

      I don't care a whole lot for tidy. Tried it for a long time doing
      different things, but ended up using Clips, NoteTab's Doc to
      HTML, Search Disk, and other NoteTab tools. To each their own. ;)
      Thanks for the suggestion though!

      I definitely don't do quote marks. Cannot stand all that code in
      my HTML. I like to be able to read it. <g>

      >Why do so much work when you can set the following tidy config file
      >option to:
      >Quote-ampersand: yes
      >And tidy will automatically convert all & to &
      >I also have tidy set to convert all double " to " with this
      >Quote-marks: yes
      >Note that it only converts " that are not part of the HTML code.
      >Yahoo! Groups Links

      Happy html'n!

      www.notetab.net www.clean-funnies.com
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