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45[NH] Re: Printing downloaded web pages

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  • Bob Janes
    Jul 1, 1999
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      > Or are we talking Adobe
      > Acrobat (words which spring to the lips but fill no spaces
      > between my ears)?
      > So printable versions. Anyone an expert? Know anything at all?!

      If you really want to maintain control of the layout of a series of pages then
      go for Adobe Acrobat. The reader (and printer) is free and readily available.
      Acrobat documents can contain links and graphics and (importantly) Acrobat
      manages the transition from A4 to US 8.5 x 11 as smoothly as anything I've used
      before. Printed copies seem to work on a range of printers and to give a good
      representation in each case that I've tested.

      To use Acrobat you need Acrobat Distiller (effectively a printer driver) which
      comes with the commercial Acrobat package (currently v4) lists at UKP 149 + VAT
      and doubtless available much cheaper elsewhere.

      V4 also supports web download so that you can capture a part or all of a web
      site into an Acrobat document and then edit it for printing or re-transmission.
      I'm still on v3 so haven't tested this but it's potentially a great way of
      creating multi-media distributable documents from NoteTab -- anyone tested it

      Alternatives are specialist Web Printers -- HP have one that I had on my system
      for a while but it watched everything and was intrusive so it got scrapped with
      very little use. Web printers also require client intervention whereas Acrobat
      puts most of the control and most of the work with the 'publisher' which is
      where it needs to be when you start broadcasting material.

      Best regards


      PS E-mail me privately if you want to know more as this is only just a NoteTab


      Bob Janes
      Webster & Janes Ltd
      PO Box 211, Welwyn AL6 0EX UK
      +44 (1438) 84-0206


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