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4464Re: [NH] DOCTYPE and HTMLTidy error

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  • Marcelo de Castro Bastos
    Mar 21, 2004
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      On 17/3/2004 19:10, Marcelo de Castro Bastos invited the wrath of the
      gods by saying:

      > On an unrelated note: does anybody else has trouble with Notetab *not*
      >showing HTMLTidy's error report... even when you *know* there are errors
      >(because you deliberately inserted them to try and force an error report)?
      OK, I accidentally found a workaround that seems to be solving the
      problem. Can't explain WHY it works, only that it does.

      Basically, instead of setting up NoteTab to open tidy.exe directly, I
      set it up to call a batch file which will, then, call the regular Tidy
      program. For some reason, when Tidy is called by this roundabout way,
      it behaves in the expected way, while when called directly, it kept
      giving me grief. (I did this in order to try to find out what were the
      command-line parameters NoteTab was sending Tidy. Turns out there was
      just one: the one telling Tidy to use the tidy.cfg configuration file.
      But unexpectedly the problem I was having disappeared...) Maybe this
      approach could help solving other recalcitrant, odd Tidy behavior problems.

      This has an added side-benefit: you can add any other commands to the
      batch file in order to do additional stuff before or after running Tidy.
      Right now I can't find anything useful to do with this new trick, but
      there must be something.

      Oh, how to do it? Well, the easiest way is like this:
      1. Create a text file called tidy.cmd or tidy.bat (tidy.cmd won't work
      with Windows 9x or ME; Windows NT/2000/XP accepts either extension, and
      there is some obscure reasons to believe that the .cmd suffix is
      somewhat better). The content of this file should be:

      @"C:\Program Files\Notetab Light\tidy.exe" %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

      (Or change it to whatever is the path to your tidy.exe file)

      2. Put this file wherever you prefer. It might be on your NoteTab
      folder, on the folder you keep Tidy, some folder in your path, or
      anywhere else -- Notetab won't mind. I prefer keeping it in a folder in
      my path, so I can call Tidy by the command-line from any folder while
      still keeping a separate folder for Tidy and without adding another
      folder to the path -- but that's just me. You might have different needs.

      3. This is very important: REMOVE temporarily your tidy.exe from the
      place it usually is kept. Don't delete it, you will need it later. Just
      move it to another place.

      4. Invoke Ctrl-F7 from Notetab. NT will complain that it can't find
      tidy.exe. Browse to the correct folder and EDIT the file name on the
      bottom in order to read "tidy.bat" or "tidy.cmd" (whatever you used)
      instead of tidy.exe. Click OK. This will invoke the batch file (although
      right now it won't work right, because tidy.exe isn't on the expected
      place. Ignore the error message).

      5- Return tidy.exe to its regular place. Test it by invoking Ctrl-F7
      from Notetab again. It should work. If it doesn't, check again all the
      paths and filenames.

      Marcelo de Castro Bastos
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