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4453Re: [NH] DOCTYPE and HTMLTidy error

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  • sisterscape
    Mar 18, 2004
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      --- John Zeman <john041650@...> wrote:
      > Sisterscape NoteTab Light doesn't support Clipbars so Mike's reply
      > probably won't make sense to you. You can only put custom clip
      > commands on a Clipbar, not on the toolbar. Still, you can run the
      > clip he mentioned the old fashioned way by double clicking on it in
      > the left side pane. Assuming you can find it that is.
      > John

      I usually run HTML Tidy from the Tools dropdown or Ctrl + F7. I did
      find another instance in the Utilities library under "Internet" but it
      wants to tidy all open docs from there instead of just the current one.

      I was hoping for a nice little icon on the toolbar that would be just a
      click away. Oh well . . .

      Anyway to fix the problem in my oiginal post with Tidy not liking the
      xml:lang="en" declaration?


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