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4451Re: [NH] DOCTYPE and HTMLTidy error

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  • Mike Hopkins
    Mar 18, 2004
      On my machine the Tidy button is on the clipbar "HTML 2"
      under the view>>clipbars menu selection. The button is the
      left-most one, two to the left of an omega symbol. I don't
      think window size will effect the location.
      If NT can't find your Tidy the Tidy button will give you and
      error and ask
      you to install Tidy. At least a shortcut to Tidy should be
      in your NT folder.

      Mike Hopkins

      Sisterscape wrote:
      > So how do I get a Tidy button on the toolbar or find those
      > elsewhere? I looked all over but no luck.
      > > You can set options in the Tidy.cfg file by editing it
      > > manually (in NT, as it is just a text file.) You can
      > > Google and download one of the Tidy GUIs which make
      > > the options much easier. (ex:TidyGUI or Tidy UI.)
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