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4448Re: [NH] DOCTYPE and HTMLTidy error

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  • sisterscape
    Mar 17, 2004
      --- In ntb-html@yahoogroups.com, Marcelo de Castro Bastos
      <mcblista@t...> wrote:
      > On 17/3/2004 18:36, sisterscape wrote:
      > First of all, of course, the obvious... which version of HTMLTidy
      > you using? I have used a bunch of them over the last couple years,
      and I
      > have seen changes on how it deals with DOCTYPEs and XML tags.

      I am using NoteTab Light 4.95 - I just upgraded a while ago so I
      think it is current. The DOCTYPE glitch also happened with the
      previous version. Is there any way I can alter the code to make the
      error go away?

      > On an unrelated note: does anybody else has trouble with Notetab
      > showing HTMLTidy's error report... even when you *know* there are
      > (because you deliberately inserted them to try and force an error

      FWIW, when HTMLTidy OKs my code, it always passes the W3C Validator.
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