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4447Re: DOCTYPE and HTMLTidy error

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  • John Zeman
    Mar 17, 2004
      --- In ntb-html@yahoogroups.com, Marcelo de Castro Bastos
      <mcblista@t...> wrote:
      > On an unrelated note: does anybody else has trouble with Notetab
      > showing HTMLTidy's error report... even when you *know* there are
      > (because you deliberately inserted them to try and force an error
      > --
      > Marcelo de Castro Bastos

      When I was using Tidy's error report I never had a problem with
      NoteTab displaying it. But then again I was calling Tidy from a clip
      that also manually opened the error report (^!Open "C:\Program
      Files\NoteTab Pro\StdError.err") immediately after the Tidying so it
      could send me a "ding" tone if there were no errors, and a "bong"
      tone if there were errors. Doing it that way I never had a problem
      with the Tidy error report opening.

      Then a few months ago it sunk into my thick skull that since I also
      have the more powerful CSE HTML Validator Pro software to check for
      errors, that I should be using that instead of the Tidy error report
      after Tidying, so I rewrote my clip to do just that..

      All was fine and dandy in the land of Oz for awhile until I
      downloaded and installed the newest version of the Validator
      (6.5xx).. Once I did that NoteTab no longer recognized the CSE
      Validator. Sooooooo in order to make my Tidy/Validator clip work, I
      now have two versions of the Validator installed, 6.5 for stand alone
      checking, and 6.0 which NoteTab still recognizes..

      Ain't life grand?

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