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4408Re: [NH] Frames- side by side comparison.

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  • Don - htmlfixit.com
    Feb 22, 2004
      > Greedy, greedy here. But could this be used to view two files from My
      > Computer on my own PC side by side?
      >>Anyway, this is working now:

      yes it could, you just use c:\ instead of http:// etc. I'll develop it
      a bit more when I get a few minutes. I only had about 10 minutes this
      morning before church to throw that together

      I will probably assemble a zipped version you can use if you are off
      line as well. This one won't work off-line without modification for
      most people because it calls our counter file, and because it is named
      .php. If you delete the call for our remote js counter file (stats.js)
      and rename everything filename.html and change the three links in the
      index.html page then you could even use it off-line.

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