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4405Re: [NH] Frames- side by side comparison.

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  • Patricia Tidmarsh
    Feb 22, 2004
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      Greedy, greedy here. But could this be used to view two files from My
      Computer on my own PC side by side?

      On Sun, 22 Feb 2004, Don - htmlfixit.com wrote:

      > Jeffery Scism wrote:
      > > The "Comparison" would have two functions, seeing how a page "looks" in
      > > MSIE and in Netscape, (or any other browser pair) (Script to open the
      > > SAME HTML file side by side in TWO different browsers)
      > >
      > > OR two instances of a single browser with user input address bars
      > > avilable to navigate to the pages for comparison.
      > >
      > > Not a line by line analysis of the differences, but a VISUAL side by
      > > side. (I could just open two browsers and resize them to be side by
      > > side, but I am looking for a quicker method that doesn't require jumping
      > > back and forth. (Changing focus).
      > The latter half of this (two pages side by side for visual comparison)
      > is what my thing is now doing Jeff. Opening two browsers side by side
      > would be a bit trickier ... I'll see what I can think up on that. It
      > would require that you essentially grant permission for something to
      > happen and address each of two open apps. I think we can do it with a
      > clip easy enough on a local basis. I would definately ask this question
      > over on clips. I don't think it could easily be done from the web
      > because of security issues with addressing apps directly.
      > Anyway, this is working now:
      > http://htmlfixit.com/resource/js-snippets/side_by_side_pages/
      > The typo you saw is fixed. The only thing that will frustrate this is
      > if you hit a page that will deframe itself, then it won't work because
      > one page will blast to the top. For most pages it will work fine.
      > http:// must be included in the address currently, but I will later fix
      > that. Time for church, so see you in a bit.
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