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4353Re: [NH] Upgrade Registered Copy of Notetab - was: NoteTab changed my link

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  • Don Passenger
    Jan 24, 2004
      it comes in a wrapper that goes over top of the registered version
      it is usually a very seamless changeover

      one caution, if you have any clips in the libraries that come with
      notetab, make a backup copy of those as they will be overwritten if you
      do a complete update

      clips in your own libraries will be unaffected, only the ones in the
      "stock" libraries are affected by an update

      Fay wrote:

      > OK. I should upgrade, obviously. However, I can only find free trials. Where
      > do I go to upgrade my registered version of NoteTab Pro?
      > Yes, of course any fool would know, but I'm a very *old* fool. I can't find
      > it!
      > Fay.
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