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4325RE: [NH] html tidy

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  • Greg Chapman
    Jan 9, 2004
      Hi hrs,

      > I just scanned NotePro.ini and saw no references I think will work for
      > tidy.cfg. Tidy, I believe, comes out of the box with a few 'default'
      > parameters built-in, I think this is a probable source for, at least,
      > some of the configuration NoteTab uses.

      You misunderstand! I wasn't saying that notepro.ini had references to
      tify.cfg, I was saying that I understood that NoteTab calls tidy.exe with
      command line parameters determined by settings held by NoteTab.

      tidy.cfg is not a required file. My system doesn't have one. It's just a
      way of automatically setting a complex set tidy command line switches.

      I have now looked again at the references to HTMLTidy in NoteTab Help. The
      key sentence is:

      "NoteTab will try to determine the best switches based on the active
      document type and the HTML Tag option settings."

      That's why I referred to notepro.ini, since those settings will happen to be

      I did once ask Eric, through a post here, what that cryptic message actually
      meant, the first time I ran into the problem of lack of tidying to lower
      case tags and no indentation, but he didn't pick up on the post.

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