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4322Re: [NH] html tidy

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  • Don Passenger
    Jan 8, 2004
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      Thank you all for the responses so far! I have learned a bit from them
      and futher playing. I started with the help file and didn't find it all
      that helpful :-)

      The first thing I figured out was that there are two ways to invoke
      tidy. Today I was using the toolbar tools/tidy (control + f7). Then I
      figured out that it was on the second part of my clibbar in notetab pro.
      HTML-2 is the clipbar. In the HTML clip library is a clip called "Tidy
      HTML code" that opens and gives you a choice whether to use notetab
      commands (faster it says) or tidy.exe commands (more options it says).
      It allows you to select how you would like to proceed.

      If you select use the choice use tidy.exe commands, then you can choose
      to indent or not. There was also a tidy.cfg file which is simply a text
      file that you can adjust manually. I am unsure how to get tidy.exe to
      use that file however.

      I am making progress with your help.
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