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4321Re: [NH] html tidy

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  • hsavage
    Jan 8, 2004
      Greg Chapman wrote:

      > Hi Don,
      > Contrary to what the others say, I think it's all in your notepro.ini!!!!
      > I do not have a tidy.cfg on my system, yet my tidying produces neat
      > output.
      > Twice now I have installed NoteTab together with tidy.exe on other
      > only to find no indentation and lowercase tags. Reading NoteTab's help I
      > see that Eric makes dark references to "using some of the settings in
      > NoteTab to determine Tidy's output.
      > I haven't yet worked out what those are, but explore in that area - auto
      > tabbing and so on!
      > Greg

      Greg, Don,

      I just scanned NotePro.ini and saw no references I think will work for
      tidy.cfg. Tidy, I believe, comes out of the box with a few 'default'
      parameters built-in, I think this is a probable source for, at least,
      some of the configuration NoteTab uses.

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