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  • Larry Thomas
    Apr 12, 2000
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      At 06:17 PM 04/12/2000 -0000, you wrote:
      >I have just installed notepad and got myself a web page and don't
      >know about html. I am very new at all this and am trying to learn
      >everything at once I guess but there seems to be so much to know just
      >to put a web page together. If anyone out there can help me i sure
      >would appreciate me. Trying to learn one thing now at a time. Have
      >been going through this newgroup's posts and you all seem to know
      >you are talking about. The more I read the more clued out I seem to
      >be. Could anyone tell me where there are some good basic
      >on how to use notepad. So far, I have done some VERY BASIC stuff on
      >it (just putting some words on my web page) and have just learned to
      >use the table wizard. I am trying to put some color in my table
      > Can someone tell me how to do this?

      You can go to Joe Barta's website at:


      and download his Webtutor V4.0 which is a very good tutorial for beginners
      and even for some slightly more advance users. The tutorial is in the form
      of a series of web pages or HTML files that you can access from your own
      hard drive with your browser without going on line. It is hyperlinked to
      connect you through the menus and content pages to all of the instructions
      and examples it contains. Just follow the examples.


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