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  • Stefan Elssner
    Apr 12 12:03 PM
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      Von: moondropcg@... <moondropcg@...>
      An: ntb-html@egroups.com <ntb-html@egroups.com>
      Datum: Mittwoch, 12. April 2000 20:22
      Betreff: [NH] UH-OH NEWBIE HERE

      >I have just installed notepad and got myself a web page and don't
      >know about html. I am very new at all this and am trying to learn
      > ...


      for learning working with NoteTab one useful approach is just playing
      around with it ;-), and try to find out the things you don't understand
      intuitively by using it's comprehensive online help. Just try the <F1>
      key whenever you stuck ...

      For learning more about HTML (and thereby more about the helpers NoteTab
      provides for authoring it), my favorite suggestion is Dave Raggett's
      Intro to HTML, to be found at

      Don't worry about the HTML Tidy tool (that he suggests to use
      frequently) for now. Just go through his pages and try the steps. In the
      "More Advanced" section you will find useful hints and samples about
      tables and how to set colors to them, too.

      Stefan Elssner
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