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4260Re: [NH] multi line global replace

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  • Don Passenger
    Dec 10, 2003
      Geez Steve,

      Welcome to the club ... you will like it here no doubt. I think what
      you want is as simple as copying what you want to replace and pasting it
      into the find box and in the replace box typing the new content. I
      don't think you need a clipbook or anything else for that to be done.

      It is preferred if you leave any "p" out of the name of NoteTAB.

      Back up the directory!
      Click on Search/search disk
      Choose the replace in files tab
      type the old in the top box
      type the new in the bottom box ...
      have at it!

      Sometimes for more complex things you can use regex or clips, but for
      simple find and replace, that would be the most efficient way to get the
      job done.


      Steve Parker wrote:

      > I am new to notepad and needed info about doing a multi line global
      > replace for 800 html files. Does anyone have a sample script for
      > clipbook etc and or instructions. Any help would be appreciated.
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