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4239Re: [NH] Hyperlink to local index.html

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  • melchior prisi
    Dec 7, 2003
      Hi Jeff

      ----- Jeff wrote:
      > Is there a way to produce te results as a new document? instead of in a
      > messsage window?

      The ^!info was just for demonstration.
      You can do the following:
      Instead of
      ^!info ^%files%
      append this lines to the clip:

      ^!toolbar new document
      ^!insert ^%files%

      OR save directly to new file:
      ^!texttofile "c:\test\new.htm" ^%files%
      CAUTION: If "new.htm" already exists, it will
      be overwritten by the "texttofile" command
      without prompting!

      > would changing the ("^%path%";"*.htm";name) to ("^%path%";"*.*";name)
      > create FULL directory?


      You gan also specify two (or several) file extensions:

      And you even could include subdirectories:
      ^ the plus sign lets the function search through

      To insert images instead of hyperlinks replace this line:
      ;^!set %files^%ct%%=<a

      with this one:
      ;long line:
      ^!set %files^%ct%%=<img src="^$filetourl(^%files^%ct%%)$"
      alt="^$getname(^%files^%ct%%)$" />
      ;end of line

      To have a relative path instead of an absolute one
      you first have to know where your html file will be

      If the file is in the same directory with the pictures
      you don't need a path at all.

      See the help file about ^$GetRelativeName$

      BTW: Your last message went just to me, not to the list;
      to get advice from all experts here you should always
      write to the list, if your subject is not off topic.


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