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4234Re: [NH] Hyperlink to local index.html

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  • melchior prisi
    Dec 7, 2003
      Hi Lotta, Ray,

      loro wrote:
      > Maybe it depends on OS? I have to write ...\Documents%20and%Settings\My%20Docouments\... Ewww!

      It seems to depend to the browser you use.

      For Mozilla (1.4.1):

      NO [file:///c:\test\index.html]
      NO [file:///c:\test\index.html]
      YES [file:///c|/test/index.htm]
      YES [file:///C:/test/index.htm]

      For short:
      Drag your file to the browser, then copy the content of
      the address field to your otl.
      This should always work.


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