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4229Hyperlink to local index.html

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  • R Shapp
    Dec 7, 2003
      Hi Group,

      Within an Outline document, I want to provide a hyperlink to an HTML page on
      my local C drive at C:\test\index.html. I want index.html to open in my
      default browser just as if I had navigated to C:\test\index.html and double
      clicked on it.

      I've read Help, and I've tried about nine permutations of naming the
      destination with and without enclosing square brackets and/or double quotes,
      and some other ideas too. I keep getting one of three undesirable results:
      1. The index.html page opens in NT for editing the HTML source code.
      2. My browser opens displaying whatever the most recent web page was.
      3. An error message tells me that NT was unable to find the target in the
      folder where the Outline resides. (Outline document and index.html ARE in
      separate folders.)

      There must be a simple way to link from an Outline document to an HTML page
      without resorting to the use of a clip. Please tell me what it is.

      Thanks for the help.

      Ray Shapp
      NTPro 4.95
      WinXP Home
      MSOE v8
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