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4183Re: RE: [NH] Word 2002 to HTML

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Nov 9, 2003
      Alec Burgess wrote:
      > Ditto d/l'ing and attempting to install w/fingers crossed (You don't
      > have Office 2000 - ya, I know :-( )
      > Any suggestions? - noting that you said you'd "only seen WORD2002
      > once" :-) I guess "Save as ... filtered HTML", open in browser and
      > then "Copy partial source" would work though
      > Regards ... Alec

      I have Word 2002 at work, and hate its efforts at HTML. I have also had
      others send me web pages created by Word 2002.

      I will keep the suggestions in mind next time.

      What I have found works best with pre-existing HTML created by Word 2002 is
      to open it with Open Office. When it is saved, it cleans out the
      non-essential stuff. If I recall it works best if you use Word to save the
      HTML document as a DOC then open in Open Office and save as HTML. It is a
      big download, but I find it worth it to not have to fiddle with trying to
      clean up the MS non-standard HTML.

      Larry Hamilton
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