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4168Re: [NH] Word 2002 to HTML

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  • John Zeman
    Nov 7, 2003
      Glad you found your answer Ray..

      I have to admit I've been kicking myself in the head ever since I
      posted what I did about using the "alt tag" because there ain't no
      such animal as an alt tag. I have bad habit of misusing the HTML
      term of "tag". I know what a tag is, but I tend to use that term
      where I really shouldn't. Just to set the record straight, the
      alt "tag" is really an "attribute" of the img element (and other
      elements as well).

      Thanks to all for not taking me to the woodshed for inaccurately
      stating things before..


      --- In ntb-html@yahoogroups.com, R Shapp <ras45@o...> wrote:
      > Hi John and Alec,
      > <<have you considered using the alt tag in your images?>>

      > Problem solved!
      > Thanks to all who helped.
      > Ray Shapp
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