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4166Re: RE: [NH] Word 2002 to HTML

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  • R Shapp
    Nov 7, 2003
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      Hi John and Alec,

      <<have you considered using the alt tag in your images?>>

      Yes, I always use the alt tag -- Tidy demands it.

      <<"Save as ... filtered HTML", >>

      I don't use Word 2000 anymore, but in Word 2002, the Save as... Save as Type
      window option is "Web Page, Filtered (*.htm; *.html)".

      <<since switching to the Directory Opus file manager last spring >>

      That comment got me looking for file renaming utilities, and I settled on
      Flash Renamer by rl vision ( http://www.rlvision.com/ ).

      Problem solved!

      Thanks to all who helped.

      Ray Shapp
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