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4163Re: [NH] Word 2002 to HTML

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  • John Zeman
    Nov 7, 2003
      Ray have you considered using the alt tag in your images? That's the
      tag which displays text when you position your mouse pointer over a
      image in a web page. A sample of alt tag usage is below:

      <img src="images/cedar-creek-title1.gif" width="300" height="171"
      alt="Cedar Creek Logo">

      alt="Cedar Creek Logo"
      is the alt tag.

      If you really want to rename several files instead, I wrote a clip a
      couple years ago that does mass file renaming, but since switching to
      the Directory Opus file manager last spring I quit using it..

      I probably still have that clip around here somewhere in the cobwebs
      though. :)


      --- In ntb-html@yahoogroups.com, R Shapp <ras45@o...> wrote:
      > Hi Greg and Hugo,
      > That Filtered HTML mode is exactly what I needed! I now have
      > tractable HTML coding that I can paste into the proper templates.
      > Do you have any suggestions about an efficient way to give the
      image files
      > unique names? Right now, all the images from each conversion begin
      with the
      > name "image001.gif" and progress in numerical sequence. I'd like a
      way to
      > replace "image" with a unique string that is related to the content
      of the
      > original paper. I can use the NoteTab Replace Text feature to
      change all the
      > hyperlinks within the source HTML. Do you know of a way to rename
      batches of
      > files in Windows Explorer folders? The renaming feature for
      batches of files
      > in Explorer introduces parentheses in the names. I don't think
      that would be
      > acceptable to the file naming conventions on the website.
      > Hugo, The use of separate folders for the image files of each
      paper is a good
      > fall-back solution if NoteTab doesn't already have a renaming
      function for
      > batches of files. I seem to remember that NoteTab has a way to
      > file names -- maybe via the use of regular expressions???
      > Thanks again for the great help.
      > Ray Shapp
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