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4160Re: [NH] Word 2002 to HTML

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  • R Shapp
    Nov 7, 2003
      Hi Greg and Hugo,

      That Filtered HTML mode is exactly what I needed! I now have reasonably
      tractable HTML coding that I can paste into the proper templates.

      Do you have any suggestions about an efficient way to give the image files
      unique names? Right now, all the images from each conversion begin with the
      name "image001.gif" and progress in numerical sequence. I'd like a way to
      replace "image" with a unique string that is related to the content of the
      original paper. I can use the NoteTab Replace Text feature to change all the
      hyperlinks within the source HTML. Do you know of a way to rename batches of
      files in Windows Explorer folders? The renaming feature for batches of files
      in Explorer introduces parentheses in the names. I don't think that would be
      acceptable to the file naming conventions on the website.

      Hugo, The use of separate folders for the image files of each paper is a good
      fall-back solution if NoteTab doesn't already have a renaming function for
      batches of files. I seem to remember that NoteTab has a way to manipulate
      file names -- maybe via the use of regular expressions???

      Thanks again for the great help.

      Ray Shapp
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