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4159Re: Word 2002 to HTML

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  • hugo_paulissen
    Nov 7, 2003

      A very quick note. I have to do similar things regularly. There are
      ways to change the conversion to HTML (using other tools; generally
      resulting in cleaner HTML but seldom/never in a satisfactory format),
      but if the formatting is important it is quite handy to do it from
      within Word...

      The way to overcome the double picture-names is to have Word put all
      files that belong to the original HTML in a separate folder. You end
      up with something as xyz.htm (file) and xyz_supportfiles (folder).
      Now you do not have to edit the files manually if you put them on a
      server. (Do not forget to put the folder on the server as well...)

      In Word 2000 this setting can be found in...
      Options | General | Web-options | Files | Organize supporting files
      in a folder

      I just noticed a setting for Rely on CSS for font formatting as well.
      It was unchecked on my machine, but I imagine that this will help in
      reducing the file size of the htm-files.

      Problem is that you seldom go to these settings and forget about them


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