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4158RE: [NH] Word 2002 to HTML

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  • Greg Chapman
    Nov 7, 2003
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      Hi Ray,

      > I save the documents to disk then open them in Word 2002 and use
      > File > "Save
      > as Web Page..." with a file extension of "htm".

      That is probably your big mistake! :-)

      I use WORD2000, and have only seen WORD2002 once. However, it was a long
      enough glance to notice that there is a "Filtered HTML" type. That's what
      you need for uploading to the web.

      The "Save as Web page" should be reserved for round-tripping to non-MS word
      processors. It was Microsoft's attempt to highjack HTML as an internal
      format for WORD. As you see, if you look at the style sheet code, it's
      there to allow you to preserve all the word-processor possible but
      HTML-impossible formatting. For web purposes its useless bloat.

      WORD2000 users can obtain a plug-in from the Microsoft site, which does the
      same job. (Search for the file "msohtmf2.exe" (MS Office HTML Filter v2)).
      Apart from the main filter, it introduces some nice little tricks such as
      "Copy as HTML" For example, if you find it tricky to create the raw code
      for intricate patterns of nested tables, then create them in WORD and use
      the "Copy as HTML" feature to paste them into NoteTab! :-)

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