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4157Word 2002 to HTML

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  • R Shapp
    Nov 6, 2003
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      Hi Group,

      I need help converting Word documents to web pages. About three or four times
      a month, I get scientific papers as email attachments which must be uploaded
      to a website. These papers are written in several different versions of
      MSWord. They almost always contain tables, graphs, and images as well as
      specifically indented text, the formatting of which must be maintained.

      My mail client is MSOE v6 running under WinXP Home.

      I save the documents to disk then open them in Word 2002 and use File > "Save
      as Web Page..." with a file extension of "htm". I open the htm document in
      MSIE v6 and View Source in NoteTab Pro. Then the misery begins.

      Each paper contains what appear to be hundreds of lines of style sheets or xml
      codes. All the images are named "imagexxx.gif" or "imagexxx.wmz" or
      "imagexxx.jpg" where "xxx" is consecutively numbered from 001 upwards. Of
      course these file names conflict with similarly named image files from all the
      other papers.

      I end up hand-coding the html for these papers line-by-line.

      Some of this problem could be solved by converting all the incoming documents
      to PDF files, but most of my users don't like the Adobe Reader.

      Can anyone suggest a more efficient overall strategy?

      Lacking a grand strategy, how about a tactic that will allow me to rename all
      the image files to something unique -- maybe replace the word "image" with a
      string specific to each paper?

      Thanks for the help,

      Ray Shapp
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