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4112Re: [NH] HTML templates

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  • hsavage
    Oct 28, 2003
      Ed wrote:

      > here do I get the new copies?
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: Don Passenger
      > Subject: Re: [NH] HTML templates
      > > I suspect you may have somehow
      > > corrupted one or the other by accident. I would suggest that you
      get new
      > > copies of the library and the template. See if that doesn't fix the
      > > problem.
      > Don Passenger


      I think the files, HTML.clb(the clipbook library) and HTML.tpl(the
      template file) are included in the install package of NoteTab Pro.

      The .clb files are in the NoteTab Libraries folder and the .tpl files
      are in the NoteTab Templates folder. You should be able to get new
      copies just by reinstalling NoteTab on top of the current installation.

      I do think I would delete the 2 files before reinstalling though. I
      don't know if reinstalling would bypass existing files or not. In the
      past it would overwrite certain libraries and other files and it still

      A reinstall shouldn't change anything in your NoteTab setup.

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