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4099Re: [NH] HTML templates

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  • hsavage
    Oct 28, 2003
      Ed wrote:

      >> wrote:
      >> I think if I understand correctly, you just need to run the
      >> template fresh
      >> this time, replace your info which is stored in the ini file for reuse
      >> later.
      >> Don Passenger
      > Don,
      > IF you mean change it in the template I did that. But next time I
      > wanted to use the template it brought up the old email addy. So it
      > looks as if I will have to go to CLIPs and see if someone will show me
      > how to change the information contained in the clip.
      > Ed

      Ed, Don,

      After looking at the HTML template it appears Don is correct. If you
      run the template completely through both wizards the email address
      should change to, and offer, the latest entry upon next use.

      And, in fact, the email address offered does change on the next run, I
      ran the template to verify that.

      If it doesn't work for you there may be an error in the template text,
      you might try to edit it, or, if you would rather, try to obtain another
      copy of HTML.tpl.

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