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397[NH] Could one of you help with a NS 4.6 ?

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  • Stefan Elssner
    Apr 2 1:50 PM
      Hi all,

      I would need some help with a positioning problem.

      Please, if anyone of you have a Netscape better than 4.5 at hand (would
      mean just 4.6 AFAIK, or one of the Mozilla betas), would you try



      Dont wonder, there is only a golden line against black bg to see. I need
      to know, if a Netscape later than 4.5 will draw the line full from the
      left to the right window edge? Or are there still gaps?

      If you have also an IE 4 or better at hand, you could see how it is
      *intended*. (And correct, AFAIK.)

      Thanks in advance.