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396[NH] Re: screen captured!

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  • Jody
    Mar 30, 2000
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      Hi Stefan,

      > If you like, have a look at DadaWare's Embellish:
      > These people tried to make an affordable replacement for
      > overpriced imaging software. As far as I can see they were on
      > the very right way.

      I downloaded that yesterday and got to peek at it tonight. It is
      a nice little piece of software for freeware. It surely is not a
      Paint Shop Pro, but it does have most of the needed features to
      make presentable images for the web.

      Thanks for the tip! Definitely worth the download for those that
      just have a few pages to keep up and don't won't to spend the
      money for a few dozen images. I did not try the acquire from my
      scanner, but with that and the basic touch up tools it has one
      could do quite well with it for free.

      Happy HTML'n!


      The NoteTab and Html List...
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