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  • loro
    Jul 13, 2003
      >Can you see anything wrong with the selected html which was created
      >automatically by NoteTab:
      ><img href="../../../../glamourmodelscentral/page001michels21.html"
      >border="0" alt="<img
      >src="../../../../glamourmodelscentral/images/michels21.gif" width="50"
      >height="50" border="0" alt="">">

      That looks very peculiar since the tags kind of overlap each other and a
      tag like <img href=""> doesn't exists. Did you copy-paste that or can it be
      a typo in there? Or maybe you accidently dragged stuff around in Notetab?

      >I have gone to the trouble of renaming all my files so that they are all
      >in lower case. I did have my files for the sight in My Documents but have
      >been advised by my friend to keep all my site material out of my
      >documents. On his suggestion I have clicked My Computer, then the C drive
      >and then created a folder entitled Glamourmodels. Within this folder I
      >have another folder entitled Images. This I think was what you were also

      Nah, you can have your site stuff in My Documents or on the desk top or
      wherever you want. As long as you keep it all in its own folder and the
      structure within that folder is the same as it will be on the server. Links
      won't be the same otherwise. If you take a look at the funny tags above you
      have href="../../../../glamourmodelscentral/page001michels21.html
      That means the page you are linking to is 4 folders up from the one you are
      linking from (each ../ goes one step up). If that's how you want it it's
      fine but you have to keep it that way on the server too.

      >I have downloaded Arles Image Web creater on a trial basis but I still
      >want to try and master this manually.

      I got the feeling that was what you wanted. ;-) It fun and you'll soon get
      the hang of it. As lloyd said, it's maybe easier to keep everything in one
      single folder and practice a little until you get the hang of how Notetab
      works and how the tags should look. Make a few pages with just an image and
      a link in it. You don't need all the table stuff for it to work. That's
      just for layout. Start with a bare skeleton like this:



      <!-- STUFF GOES HERE -->


      >I assume that when you say:
      >go to the Document menu and click on "Insert HTML Link/Image".
      >This on my version of NoteTab is on the html menue and simply says :
      >Insert Tags
      >The the sub heading is img link.

      I've never seen anything like this. What version of Notetab do you have?
      Mysteries, mysteries!

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