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  • calamityjanenow
    Jul 13, 2003
      Hi Alex,
      I think the reason you are seeing file:///C:/.... in your document is
      that you have not saved the page you are working on in the
      glamourmodelscentral folder on your computer. Right click on the page
      tab and choose save as. and it will show you where it is saved, if I
      am right you can browse to the glamourmodelscentral folder and save it
      You have inserted the image into the link alt description, notetab
      will use highlighted text as the link alt. May work better to put the
      link in first, then put the image before the </a>. Instead of

      <img href="../../../../glamourmodelscentral/page001michels21.html"
      border="0" alt="<img
      src="../../../../glamourmodelscentral/images/michels21.gif" width="50"
      height="50" border="0" alt="">">

      you should have

      <a href="glamourmodelscentral/page001michels21.html" border="0"
      src="glamourmodelscentral/images/michels21.gif" width="50" height="50"
      border="0" alt=""></a>

      Perhaps someone else can say where <img href=" came from, I am at a loss.

      --- In ntb-html@yahoogroups.com, "GMX lofty282" <lofty282@g...> wrote:
      > Hello Loro,

      > The first part went great and the thumbnail was inserted into the
      thumb space on the html document. However when I tried to do the link
      and then viewed my browser the thumb image had been removed and
      replaced with some html.
      > Can you see anything wrong with the selected html which was created
      automatically by NoteTab:
      > <img href="../../../../glamourmodelscentral/page001michels21.html"
      border="0" alt="<img
      src="../../../../glamourmodelscentral/images/michels21.gif" width="50"
      height="50" border="0" alt="">">

      > However I notice that NoteTab has automatically created a file path
      similar to that which you said should be avoided file:///C:/....

      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: loro
      > To: ntb-html@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Sunday, July 13, 2003 6:17 AM
      > Subject: Re: [NH] Inserting Images
      > Hi Alex,
      > >I am new to Notepad and indeed HTML.
      > >
      > >Can someone tell me how to use notepad to insert an Image from my
      > >documenmts folder into a page of thumprints which has been
      created for me
      > >by a friend.
      > Well, as a starting point, Notetab can insert the image tags with
      > width and height attributes for you as well as create links.
      > For this to work as indented you should create a folder for your
      site stuff
      > and keep the files in the same order as they will be in on the
      > Notatab will insert relative paths. This way things will work both
      on your
      > HD and on the server. You don't want paths beginning on
      > They'll only work on your machine and nowhere else.
      > A common setup is to place the HTML files directly in your main
      folder and
      > images in a sub folder called 'images' or whatever. It doesn't
      matter how
      > you do it really, as long as you have the same arrangement locally
      as on
      > the server.
      > You have a lot of lines like this in your template:
      > <TD align="center" width="50" height="50"><IMG src="Gallery
      > 1_files/alex.gif" width="50" height="50"></TD>
      > I assume that you want to replace those placeholder img tags with
      the real
      > ones. To do that delete the first img tag and put your cursor in
      its place.
      > Then go to the Document menu and click on "Insert HTML
      Link/Image". An
      > "Open File" dialog will pop up. Browse to the image you want to
      insert and
      > click OK. That's it - the img tag should now be in place.
      > Next step is to make the image link to the the page that contains
      the big
      > version of the image (provided you already have created that page of
      > course). You use the same menu command but this time you highlight
      > image tag you just inserted first. Browse to the HTML file you
      want to link
      > to and clickety-click you've made a link.
      > Lets say the thumbnail is called dog_thumb.jpg and the page with
      the big
      > picture is called dog.html and you have arranged the files as in
      my example
      > above. Then the code should look something like this now:
      > <TD align="center" width="50" height="50">
      > <a href="dog.html">
      > <img src="images/dog_thumb.dog"
      > width="50" height="50"
      > alt="Change this text to something more meaningful">
      > </a>
      > </TD>
      > That's it. You can also do this by dragging files from the Quick List
      > window. That's the one that is toggled on and off if you hit the
      F6 key.
      > You can read in the help file about how to make it show the files
      you want.
      > It's under
      > Reference Information | Tools | Quick list.
      > I think this method is faster so you may want to check it out.
      > Lotta
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