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3932Re: [NH] Inserting Images

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  • lloyd2
    Jul 13, 2003
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      Hi Alex,

      Lotta is much more experienced at this than I so I am sure you will want to
      be able to do things as she suggests. When I started building that web page
      you were looking at of mine, that is how I started. I had nothing but
      problems, all my fault, but found it easier to place all the code and
      pictures in the same folder to begin with. That made the programming much
      easier. I figured I could place them in separate folders and change the
      code to match after I made it work.

      <P><TABLE BORDER=3 WIDTH=750 HEIGHT=450>
      <TD><A HREF="tamale1.jpg"><IMG SRC="t1.gif" WIDTH=150 HEIGHT=98></A></TD>
      <TD><A HREF="tamale2.jpg"><IMG SRC="t2.gif" WIDTH=150 HEIGHT=98></A></TD>
      <TD><A HREF="tamale3.jpg"><IMG SRC="t3.gif" WIDTH=150 HEIGHT=98></A></TD>
      <TD><A HREF="tamale4.jpg"><IMG SRC="t4.gif" WIDTH=150 HEIGHT=98></A></TD>
      <TD><A HREF="tamale5.jpg"><IMG SRC="t5.gif" WIDTH=150 HEIGHT=98></A></TD>

      <TD><A HREF="tamale6.jpg"><IMG SRC="t6.gif" WIDTH=150 HEIGHT=98></A></TD>
      <TD><A HREF="tamale7.jpg"><IMG SRC="t7.gif" WIDTH=150 HEIGHT=98></A></TD>
      <TD><A HREF="tamale8.jpg"><IMG SRC="t8.gif" WIDTH=150 HEIGHT=98></A></TD>
      <TD><A HREF="tamale9.jpg"><IMG SRC="t9.gif" WIDTH=150 HEIGHT=98></A></TD>
      <TD><A HREF="tamale10.jpg"><IMG SRC="t10.gif" WIDTH=150 HEIGHT=98></A></TD>

      You will notice that by keeping everything in the same folder, no paths
      have to be listed. Notice, first I set up my table border, width and
      height. Then I placed each row between "<tr> and </tr>" each picture
      between "<td> and </td>. Then I repeated it for the next row.

      I made the large pictures ".jpg's" and the thumbnails ".gif's". That was
      just for my benefit, to keep things straight in my head as I was setting it
      up. I don't remember how your template is but this is very simple to make.

      >Can you see anything wrong with the selected html which was created
      >automatically by NoteTab:
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