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3929Re: [NH] Inserting Images

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  • hsavage
    Jul 12, 2003
      GMX lofty282 wrote:

      > Hello,
      > I am new to Notepad and indeed HTML.
      > Can someone tell me how to use notepad to insert an Image from my
      documenmts folder into a page of thumprints which has been created for
      me by a friend. What I mean is that I have an html web page with 24
      spaces in which to insert the thumbprint and then I would wish to link
      each thumb to the page containing the full enlarged photo.
      > Alex


      After following this thread I've come to the conclusion you should
      consider download software from the following links. If you are doing
      many albums or frequently updating them you may consider purchasing one
      or both packages.

      Free program, Easy Thumbnails

      Trial software, Album Express

      Trial software, Easy Imager

      If you download Album Express or Easy Imager, or, both there is a
      usergroup list for each. Worthwhile just to ask questions when the need
      arises. I don't have the subscription addresses available but many on
      the list would probably furnish them.

      The job you have is a big one, especially if you're a novice in HTML.
      Don't misunderstand, I'm by no means an expert.

      The thumbnails on the index(thum.html) should actually be thumbnails or
      loading time will be increased. The size perspective between the thumbs
      and the full size photos should be maintained.

      It's difficult to load a 640x480 or a 1024x768 photo into a 50x50 square
      without vertically elongating and distorting it and if you're dealing
      with models chances are you'll run into portrait mode photos and they
      will be elongated horizontally.

      60x45 for a landscape photo fits nicely although sizes in that range are
      pretty small and sometimes hard to distinguish one from another.

      One of the trial softwares above would do about 95% of the work
      pertaining to creating an album, or, several albums, and it appears
      you'll need at least one album per Gallery.

      In the end you'll have to compensate for the differences between your
      thum.html and the index.html created by the album software. I think
      that would be a great deal less work than the current course.

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