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  • GMX lofty282
    Jul 12 8:32 AM
      Oh dear,

      Let me first of all say that there will be no porno at GlamourworldCentral.com when the site is finished .Neither will there be any popups to those type of sites. It is simply a glamour site for those interested in Glamour, models and clothes. The site is twofold. First to those interested in downloading wallpapers connected to serious models like Ana Claudia Michels, Gisele Bundchen and the like. All wallpapers will be offered FREE to those interested.

      The commercial part of the site will be those who do the photo manipulation. Those who are experts in Photoshop and PSP. Those interested in creating their own websites when I will be offering Web Serving at realistic prices without Bandwidth restrictions etc.

      My messages to the group is simply to seek help with the html problems I am facing being new to html having used software in the past but experiencing bandwidth problems.

      The content of the site really has nothing to do with the group anyway. Simply help with html to accomplish what I am trying to achieve.

      I hope this answers your question and fears.

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      > GlamourModelsCentral
      Is this an illustration of coding or a sneaky way to introduce porno on this
      Don't mean to be prudish!
      However, I opened an innocent looking email some time ago and I still receive
      unsolicited email from porno sites.
      Don't want it.

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