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3865Re: Almost Finished - Re: [NH] Multiple Browser CSS

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  • Larry Hamilton
    May 23, 2003
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      Thanks for this! It is modular, and one can make a template and just plop
      the contents in.

      It looks funny in Opera 3.62, but it is still legible. It is even workable
      in Lynx. In Mozilla, and Opera 6.2 if the links are long enough, they
      overlap the footer. This is easy to fix by making the main longer.

      Grant MacKenzie wrote:
      >> Tell me I'm wrong, someone!
      >> Greg
      > You are wrong Greg, ;)
      > Below a simple typical css layout which shows how this can be done.
      > Instead of floating the nav , fix it to the left,set it's width and
      > then make the main contents left margin as big as the navs width.
      > In a way the nav is like a annotation to the main text, so it a
      > pleasing idea semantically, to place it in the main contents
      > margin.... you know like annotated bibles and the like.

      This is a nice idea. However, if one wishes to give a color to the nav, it
      only has color where there is text. I suppose this is the way CSS is
      designed, but I also thought it is supposed to be for the layout.

      There must be a way to do this, I just haven't figured it out yet.

      If I do not specify a background color for the nav, that is different from
      the main contents, it will do what I want.

      > When dividing a page up into sections like header,nav,maincontent,
      > footer I tend to use divs with IDs because these will be unique on
      > each page. A class selector ought to pertain to 'more than 1 selected
      > element(s)'i.e. a 'class' as the name implies .

      Thanks for this tip.

      > Because I'm positioning relative to a screen I deal with px. If
      > relative to text I would use em.

      Again, thanks for the tip. I will have to play with this one to see what it

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