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3863Re: Almost Finished - Re: [NH] Multiple Browser CSS

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  • Larry Hamilton
    May 23, 2003

      Thanks, as in my previous reply, I too, am leaning toward tables, unless CSS
      has a multi-browser way to do it.

      On an intranet with everyone required to have the same browser this is easy.

      In ten years when we can paint a screen on the wall, will we still have to
      allow for the people still using CRT's & LCD's??? ;-)


      Greg Chapman wrote:
      > Hi Larry,
      >> http://www.hamiltongensociety.org/index_css_test.htm
      >> Any other comments/suggestions are welcome!
      > Just noticed a "dummy button" to the left of the "Home" button too!
      > :-(
      > As to how to get the sidenav bar to extend to the bottom of the
      > page...
      > I don't see how the "floating navbar" technique can work, unless used
      > with a fixed length page. After all "float" is designed to force
      > other material to wrap around the object. You've got to have
      > something in that object or the other object will fill its space. In
      > other words, you need to introduce something which will guarantee
      > that the navbar equals the length of the object that is attempting to
      > wrap round it. Using a fixed length is one approach. Given the
      > desirability of making text in the main part of the window resizable
      > and to allow for different sizes of window I can't think of an
      > alternative - beyond using a completely different technique.
      > While I approve of the Shawn Morton's desire to use a style sheet to
      > get rid of unnecessary HTML bloat, I still see the <TABLE> tags as
      > the easiest way to produce a navbar that will always reach to the
      > bottom of the page.
      > Tell me I'm wrong, someone!
      > Greg
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