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3856Almost Finished - Re: [NH] Multiple Browser CSS

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  • Larry Hamilton
    May 22, 2003
      Thanks to all the tips and pointers. Here is what I have now.

      I took the style elements out of the web page and put in in the stylesheet.

      I change the .leftnav to .sidenav so all I have to do to change it is change
      the float value to right or left. Or I could have two stylesheets, left &
      right, and use some scripting to randomize it or give users a choice.

      I added <acronym> tags to the top navigation bar, so it gives more
      information when the cursor is over one of the "buttons". I think this is a
      nice touch without having to use hover. It also saves time from having to
      make a graphic and map it.

      The last thing I need to figure out is how to make the side bar extend all
      the way to the footer. On some longer pages, this looks really funny when
      the sidebar is only half, or less, the length of the page.

      I tried playing with % values for the height of the sidebar and body, but
      that was not giving me the effect I was after. If all the pages were about
      the same size it would not be a big deal. I have already implemented this
      change on the member pages, since the majority of those pages are about the
      same size as the home page.

      One idea I had was to make the background color of the sidebar white and
      make the border with the body white or take it out. I am sure there is a
      "better" way to do it, I just have run out of steam. If it is another cold,
      rainy weekend, I may get it figured out.


      Any other comments/suggestions are welcome!

      Now that I have the stylesheet pretty much in line, I have an idea for
      simplifying the site, by using an outline to hold the contents of each page.
      I have Jody's outline clip library that has a clip for doing things with
      directories. I have modified it for other projects. I think making the
      outline header the name of the file, and then having a regular structure in
      the topic. Oh well, that's a project for a clear head.... ;-)

      I was expecting a site redesign to be a much bigger hassle than it has been
      with the stylesheets. I started playing around with some ideas about a year
      ago, but they would have all been time-consuming to implement. So it became
      a back-burner project. Now I can play at a new look and just change the
      style sheet(s). Now that I know how to do all this stuff without tables, I
      can give my own site a facelift....

      My son is wanting to learn, so I will have to show him how this works. He is
      very creative, so it wil be fun to see what he comes up with. Probably a
      site dedicated to Calvin & Hobbes....


      Larry Hamilton
      My Web Site: http://notlimah.tripod.com/
      Webmaster: Hamilton National Genealogical Society, Inc.
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