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3855Re: [NH] Multiple Browser CSS

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  • Larry Hamilton
    May 22, 2003

      alice ttlg - koyaanisqatsi wrote:
      > In your body class, specify padding, that puts whitespace inside the
      > boxes.
      > padding: 5px;
      > will put 5px all the way around inside the box. Or specify only
      > padding on the left inside of the box:
      > padding-left: 5px;
      > Mozilla, Opera and Netscape 7 follow web standards in regard to
      > padding (white space inside the box) and margin (white space outside
      > the box) but IE does not, it does strange things, so you just kind of
      > have to play with it till you get something that looks decent in both
      > IE and Mozilla.

      Thanks for this tip! Your explanation of padding and margin really clarify


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