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  • Ville Saalo
    Mar 27, 2003
      So you did open the Utilities library and executed the "Add to Edit HTML
      file type" clip? Check what's in the Windows registry at
      HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\htmlfile\shell\edit\command=****, that's what the clip
      modifies. Should be NoteTab path and file name (with "%1" at the end).
      Also run the "Add IE Default HTML Editor" clip, right next to that other
      one. -Ville

      > Hello,
      > I downloaded the current version of NoteTab light for a friend
      > running XP home. The initial purpose for the program was to view (and
      > learn) the HTML used on various sites.
      > When in say IE and browsing a html page; and then one right-click's
      > the mouse one gets the option of "View Source" and when this is
      > selected , in my experience Notetab is invoked and shows the
      > underlying html.
      > For my friend i could not get this to work when the html was live
      > online but if i save the page and the browse the same page 'offline'
      > then selecting "View Source" invoked notetab as expected
      > what am i doing wrong ?
      > any help appreciated
      > felix
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