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3801Re: [NH] Web Pages in Netscape

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  • jaydrake
    Mar 8, 2003
      > logs dictate how far back I really need to go>>
      > My estimate of my users' browser types is based on guestimate. Am I
      > in assuming that each ISP's log formats are unique? If not, can you
      suggest a
      > way for me to mine the logging data files for pertinent info such as
      > types? I was assuming I'd have to write some kind of Java script to
      create my
      > own log files.

      I would put a reasonable amount of faith in your ISP's server logs. While
      not 100% infallible, it's pretty darned close. Log format will be based on
      web server used, whether that be MS IIS, Apache or one of the other less
      used web servers out there. Beyond that the only thing that is unique is how
      the data is displayed and there are many different reporting systems that
      can be used on the bare logs. If you absolutely don't trust the logs you can
      always rely on a cgi script which collects user data and puts it into text
      files or a database of it's own. Personally, I wouldn't bother. Take what
      you've got and make your cutoff. It might hurt a small percentage of the
      visitors, but will be better for your other visitors which, while not 'fair'
      to that small percentage, is the way you need to go if you want 'success'
      from your site, be that sales or just more traffic.

      Jay Drake
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