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3798Re: [NH] Web Pages in Netscape

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  • loro
    Mar 8, 2003
      Ray Shapp wrote:
      >My estimate of my users' browser types is based on guestimate. Am I correct
      >in assuming that each ISP's log formats are unique? If not, can you suggest a
      >way for me to mine the logging data files for pertinent info such as browser
      >types? I was assuming I'd have to write some kind of Java script to create my
      >own log files.

      No. There are a few formats but unique they are not. They are just text
      files that list a number of entries for each request that's made to the
      server. There are log analyzers that output nice statistics and pie charts
      from them, but they are humanly readable as they are.

      The question is rather if you have access to your logs. Does your host let
      you download raw log files or provide stats?

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