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  • Greg Chapman
    Feb 13, 2003
      Hi Jason,

      > <i> loses it's meaning when you don't use it to italicize, <em> is
      > always unmistakeably emphasis.

      > gGyc> 3. Style sheets can be used to dictate the rendering of <i> just as
      > gGyc> easily as <em> and of <b> just as easily as <strong>
      > That's just fantastic, just what we need, confusion to make life
      > easier for you.

      I'm with you all the way on this! And you miss the very obvious point that
      the W3C are very hooked into non-visual browsers, where italic also has
      absolutely no meaning.

      Whilst, I must confess, I only use visual browsers and only expect my users
      to do so, and so, in the real world, I do tend to use <I> tags, I do
      completely accept the thrust of the W3C, that style and structure should be

      Can anyone tell me whether aural browsers shout louder, speak deeper, or
      just add and Italian accent, when reading an <I> tag? Don't answer! It'll
      be defined in the stylesheet, won't it?

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