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  • Stefan Elssner
    Jan 30, 2003
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      Scott Fordin wrote:
      > Hi, all,
      > I'm wondering what people's take is on using logical
      > versus physical elements for things like <em>/<i> and
      > <strong>/<b>.
      > ...

      I had myself a phase of strictly using logical markup -- or at least
      trying to do so -- two or four half-years ago. For matters of structure
      and confirmance, sure :)

      Now I use a somewhat relaxed scheme. If it _really_ does matter to be
      same in any browser I use the depreciated but always working (for all i
      know) physical elements. Otherwise I use styles. Which give much more
      power for afterward changings, not only of the particular emphasis, most
      of the time.

      And sometimes when too lazy to look for or write the needed CSS class I
      use the physicals too, simply because they are shorter to type than the
      logicals. :)

      -- Stefan

      Stefan Elssner


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