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37[NH] Re: To capitalise or not to...

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  • Nicole Simon
    Jun 23, 1999
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      Rod Davies wrote:
      [Rod, please don't put a fullqoute after your message]

      > The key is to put all the clips you feel are useful for you in your own
      > personal library(ies), edit them if necessary, and away you go...

      JAp. But it's nice if you give the author of the clip a tip what you have
      missed and what you would have prefered. This way, the author can decide
      wether to take this suggestion into the library or not.

      Why should you do so?
      Because the next time a new version of your best liked library comes out,
      you have to do your changes again. And again.

      > But I guess my main point is that Clips are not part of NT per se but like
      > add-ons or "macro's" which extend functionality and customization.

      Oh, there are clips - but you can't include all cliplibraries which are
      available on the website. :o)

      »So, you're searching for alien life forms? Don't you meet
      enough strange people in discussion lists like this one? ;o)«
      Anthony V. Vitale


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